Getting Your Business Found on Google

Want to know how to get people to find your business from searching Google? In this video I detail how Google lists businesses when doing a search and show why certain businesses show on the first page.

If you’d like me do a video run-through of your website to bring in more traffic and leads – leave a comment below?

Hey, today I’m going to show you what happens here when people are searching for your business on Google. So Google is the most used search engine platform and this comes under what we call search engine optimization and looking at how your website’s optimized , and what’s showing up when people are searching for you in Google.

So I’m putting this out here for, for business owners can see what little tweaks and things they can make. so their website and a few other bits and pieces , to help them, be seen by more people who are searching for them. So now in this example. I’ve just searched for roofing repair in Phoenix, Arizona, and, this is what comes up.

When you do a Google search, I’m all on the front page really, so I’m gonna kind of break it down. This looking at three sections here. Now, the first one, the first one, here’s what we call the paid advertising. These ones, so normally it looks something like this. It’s these kind of written ads. You can see very clearly that they are ads because of that.

And, in this case, Google actually put in a little bit of extra information for, for advertising too. So we’re not going to go into too much of that now because you obviously have to pay, pay for that advertising service. So that’s the first part. The second one. Is looking at what we call the map pack.

So what shows up here, is, is related to the location you’re in. So I’ve searched for Phoenix, Arizona. So this map pack is started to look at, for the middle of Phoenix, what businesses around it fit that roofing repair. So, having, having the location, and if you’re on like a fun, it’ll, it’ll actually determine.

what to look at around you based on your GPS there too. the reviews are important here. you can see these businesses here. They’ve got, they got some decent, quality reviews that have got a number of reviews, but then they’ve got a pretty high rating too. So that comes into it too as well.

Reviews are really important for your business. And information here, like going to the website and the directions. So that’s like the second part. the third one is, your search engine results page. So in Google it’s broken down into the top 10. Some advertising down the bottom. But you’ve got your top 10 websites coming up here as well.

So you’re told the domain. So this is a domain, the website address on the top, and then you have the title and you have the description. So in a nutshell, Google is looking through to see, what titles on the website and what content on that page. Relates to your search as well. So there’s a brief introduction.

That’s really what Google’s looking for. So, you’ll, you’ll, your business page, you want to make sure that you have lots of, what we call keywords. Keywords is irrelevant to what you do on your front page, and also that your title, makes sense and it, and it reflects what people are going to be searching for.

So this is the first one. roof repair, Phoenix, Arizona. and in a few of the things I do. That’s the title you can see the domain though is America roofing So that’s the business name. So they don’t always have to be the same. You’re looking for this to be, what is it your business does sort of link through, and then what you’ll start to see, you see some of the other review sites being pretty high, but, obviously these guys have, they’ve done a lot of SEO in the background to be able to get to that first spot.

A lot of times Yelp and those are pretty high home advisor. but you can see this one, they’ve got some reviews they’re showing as well. And again, you can see that, that they’re related to what people are searching. So I hope that gives you a bit of a breakdown of what Google is looking for.

Please let me know if you have any more information and if you’d like me to take a specific look at your business, website, and Google My Business page. Yeah, I’m happy to do that and give you some feedback too.