Real Estate Lead Generation

Are you a realtor looking for more clients?

You’ve come to the right place! JBL Digital Marketing is here to help. We provide lead generation services for realtors, so that they can always have buyers and sellers in their pipeline. Whether it’s buyer or seller leads we will find them for you and target them with advertising online so that you are always front of mind.

The benefits of real estate lead generation are clear. With increased traffic from online advertising, you can get a higher conversion rate and reach more potential buyers or sellers in your area! The process is simple too; just pick the plan that best meets your needs – whether buyer leads, seller leads, or both, and we’ll handle everything else for you with our easy to use dashboard.

Don’t settle for less than what you deserve as a realtor – get the best lead generation service out there from JBL Digital Marketing today!

Text message exchange showing a buyer interested in purchasing a home

We are confident in our ability to generate quality leads; this confidence comes from years of experience within the industry and knowledge the aspects of online marketing that gets results for real estate agents.

We can provide tailor-made services so that our clients are reaching the audience they want through customized advertising campaigns.

Not only that but our system takes care of the bulk of the client follow-up for you. You’ll be notified in real time when your leads are requesting more information or are reaching out for YOU to call them!

Our online marketing system, automated follow up and instant notifications of your lead’s status ensures you receive high quality leads that will generate more commission for you.

Message exchange between someone looking for a home and an automatic call

Attract New Opportunities

Grow your lead base. Expand markets, increase territory coverage or expand into new areas of opportunity. Increase sales and revenue.

The internet is the best way to reach new buyers with real estate needs today. If you’re not using online marketing in your business model then it’s time to think about how much it can add to your business. You might be surprised how much additional revenue even small investments into real estate buyer and seller leads from home internet marketing can compliment the existing marketing channels you are focused on.

Frequently Asked Questions

When working with a digital marketing manager it’s always important to ask a few questions before you agree to work with them. Regardless of the type of real estate marketing services, these are your top priorities:

– What is your strategy for acquiring new leads and connecting me with buyers and sellers online?

– Can I get feedback about how we’re doing on our plan together so that I know what results to expect in my business?

We’re open and transparent and will work with you to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our lead generation methods and the results we’ll deliver for you.

Facebook stats showing cost per lead
Facebook ad stats showing cost per lead of ad

Easily Integrate With Your CRM

Whether you use GoHighLevel or other popular CRM software our campaigns handled SMS messaging, email and Facebook Messenger communication. If you already have an account then we can integrate straight in with you.

In order to work best for our clients we make sure all aspects of the campaign are tailored around their needs. This means crafting an effective strategy based on your goals, budget and target audience in addition to creating ads specific to those demographics. All this ensures a higher quality conversion rate as well as maximizing return on investment (ROI).